White Noise by Don Delillo

whitenoise_2006Title: White Noise

Author: Don Delillo

ISBN: 978-0140077025

Pages: 336



My Review: 

I read this book in college as part of my senior seminar for creative writing.  I had a massive crush on my professor at the time, and if you look back far enough in this blog…I totally write about his awesomeness.  Anyway, about the book…I also did my senior thesis comparing this book to Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections.  So if you are feeling frisky, feel free to read that one too. 

This book is a glimpse into modern society…if we actually took the time to peruse our lives as an outsider might see it.  Delillo takes an ordinary family and invites us to mock them…only in the end do we realize that we mock ourselves.

Happy Reading!  I’d love to hear what you think about this one!


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