Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Discussion

Please choose at least 2 passages from the book, and explain:

1. Why you chose the passage

2.  Why it is important to the book as a whole

3.  who said it, and why this is pertinent


4 thoughts on “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Discussion”

  1. I can’t believe the tradition of “Footbinding”! I have heard of it but never really knew what they did; or why they did it!

  2. nzdinak said:

    I know!! I was reading this last night, and I remember knowing that the Chinese people thought that small feet were a sign of status, but I had no idea that breaking the bones and mutilating the feet is what occurred in this practice. Do they still do this now?! I need to look that up…

  3. I, too, went online to look up footbinding after reading the beginning of the book! I wanted to see pictures. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder!! Whew!

  4. My goodness, the Chinese have many traditions! Who has time to have a life with all that! Actually, the traditions seem to be mainly for the women. I really do think their “traditions” are to suppress the women. This book reveals a culture I never really knew much about. I thank God for my blessings!

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