Autobiography of a Face

Let’s Talk!

1.  As a child, Lucy lives in three worlds: the hospital, her home, and the outside world.  How do the people in each of these environments treat her?  How does Lucy respond to them?

2.  “We were taken to another floor with a playroom that boasted a large, ornate dollhouse, a real collector’s item probably donated by some well-meaning person.  You could only look at it from behind a glass partition, but it was too nice to be played with anyway.  Sometimes you’d see a child standing there, staring, but for the most part the giant miniature house, despite its prominent position near the door, was ignored” (page 40).  Do you think Lucy tells her readers about the dollhouse to describe her own lonliness?  Or do you think Lucy craves a picture perfect place in which to hide and be left alone?


Questions from Reading Group Guides


4 thoughts on “Autobiography of a Face”

  1. I’m really trying to get into this book, but I’m having a hard time. I know I was one of the people who voted for it, so I will read it, but ugh. So far, it’s kind of boring.

  2. I think the writing is really simple to reflect the thoughts of a young girl…which tends to make it…boring. I hope it gets better too. 🙂

  3. So far I have gotten through the prologue. No thrilled but will keep going.

  4. I got through it! I didn’t care for it that much. It was somewhat boring, but it got a little better.

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