about this site

drinks-lolita-vamped-bw1This website was born in 2005 as “The View From Here”. It began as something to do because I was bored. I was bored with being divorced at 23, I was bored with changing my major after switching colleges several times, I was bored with moving at least 20 times, I was bored with dating guys for two month increments before realizing I would rather watch grass grow, and I was bored with my clothes…and getting drunk in my clothes…and dancing and spilling drinks in my clothes. So? I started writing.

These days I’m not very bored at all, and perhaps now that I’m not falling off bar stools and making out with men I meet online…perhaps you are bored. For this…I sincerely apologize. But I assure you that, if anything, I am inconsistent…and I can almost guarantee you that I will do something completely inappropriate soon, and instead of trying to justify my actions I will simply say that I did it on purpose… so that you can be entertained.


gran-bw1I changed the name of this website to “Croak” in honor of both my big mouth and my grandmother and her big mouth. She recently passed away at seventy-nine, and while she was with us…she said whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She is my inspiration and she was a Croaker. She had these crazy West Virginian sayings, and one of them is, “Fine as a Frog Hair Split Three Ways”. Before I knew it, I was thinking about bullfrogs and that distinct sound they make and how it sounds like they are pissed off at the pond for being too wet, and I thought, “PERFECT!”






Croak (krohk)


1. To utter a low-pitched, harsh cry, as the sound of a frog
2. To speak with a low, rasping voice
3. Slang – To die                                                                                                                                                                                                                
4. To talk despondingly; to grumble

I sometimes spend time doing number 1 and 2 (Oh, stop it), but mostly I participate in number 4 and will continue to do so until I number 3. This was clearly the most perfect identity for my website. Obviously.







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