Bump Watch

Since I don’t have paparazzi following me around taking photos of my growing bump, I figured I might as well post my own pictures…even the unflattering ones!  Enjoy!


4 weeks

Please ignore the trash in the background begging to be taken out.  We were too busy peeing on sticks this weekend to worry about such things!


Week 5

I know I’m not wearing the same clothes, but I couldn’t find them and I was too tired to go searching.  Also, I’m not in the same room…or in the same light.  But dammit!  When have you known me to be consistent?!


6 weeks


7 weeks


11 weeks

So I found my camera charger and WHOA BABY I got big!  This is going to be interesting…


12 weeks


17 weeks





Hello, stretch marks…you suck.


11 thoughts on “Bump Watch”

  1. Tan, and a flat belly. What is unflattering? You should see my white, flabby mess 😦 I gained 50lbs with my pregancy, and have lost about 45lb from that, but I still have the flabbiness on the huge belly I had…

  2. I won’t be tan for long! I was tanning before I found out, but now I have to freeze my tanning package! 😦

    I’m nervous about AFTER the baby is born. I’m trying to eat healthy, but it was hard BEFORE the hormones kicked in! Now it’s super hard! I don’t have crazy expectations…if it takes a year to lose it, it takes a year. I’m just taking one meal at a time! 🙂

    That’s awesome that you have lost almost all the weight!! I have heard that even if you are the same number on the scale, your body never looks the same. That scares me a little!

    • Ok, my son is TWO now and I still haven’t lost it all. Well, ok, I’m just hitting my pre-pregnancy weight, and ya, it’s true your body doesn’t go back to normal. It’s like weirdly lumpy now. And my hips are wider 😦 And the pouch…it just sits there. It’s sad. Appreciate your body now! AND TRUST ME, watch what you eat!

  3. hey are we missing week 6???

  4. oh man I must be losing it!! As I scrolled back up, there was week 6!!!

  5. Where’s 8 and 9?

  6. Your bump is ADORABLE! You look great. It’s exciting to me that you can see a change at 7 weeks… I hope that is me in a few weeks!

  7. WOW! You can see the change! You look great around the waist!!

  8. Cindy Zdinak said:

    Oh, look at our little Nia! She is so so sweet! Thanks, Nik, for posting!! You look great!

  9. Your belly is growing so FAST! You look absolutely adorable and I am so glad your pregnancy is going well!

  10. You sure there is only one?!

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