Dear God,

Thank You for breathing life into me and allowing me to experience this world, in all it’s wonder, beauty, perverseness, irreverence, and splendor.  Without the ugliness would I truly appreciate the amazing gift you have given?  Probably not.  So Thank You.

Thank You for choosing two of the most humble, honest, truth-seeking people I have ever known to be my parents.  They are so very good…they have taught me that You are the only perfection, yet the path to Your Kingdom is paved with overcoming our imperfections (I am constantly tripping over rocks).  I pray that I can follow their lead with the beautiful lives with which you have blessed me.

Thank You for forgiveness…for allowing me to make mistakes time and time again, and then showing me the way I probably could have taken the first time…but making it clear that if I had, I would not have learned nearly as much.  Thank You for education without the formality of books and pencils…lessons of the ego are much more difficult to conquer.  Of course, there are other times when I show a side of this humanity that is anything but beautiful…Thank You for loving me anyway.

Thank You for Love, for the man I stand beside to walk this journey.  He is kind and honest and full of complicated joy…just what I need.  We learn so many of the rules separately, but find a common ground on which to walk that is smooth and winding. The view is amazing…

Thank You for my children.  What we want is not always what is meant for us, and I know that it is not always given.  One blessing is tugging on my pant leg right now begging for me to play with her, and the other is doing somersaults in my womb…You have given me what I wanted more than anything else.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Thank You for the opportunity to heal the tiniest bodies arriving here on earth.  Even if here only a short while, I am humbled and in awe of your creation….and I respect it.  Always.  Please give me the patience to continue to do this work in the face of those who don’t respect it.  Please help me to extend forgiveness, just as you forgive.  Sometimes I just need help…

Thank You for all the material things that afford us comfort: our home, our free time, our celebrations, our sweat pants, chocolate and coca-cola…books, movies, story time, dancing, singing, toys, pretty stationary that I rarely use but love to collect, warm blankets, Target & Home Goods…

Thank You mostly for giving me the time to revel in all of these blessings.  They say that life is short and I don’t know how long I have here, nor do I want to know.  So please know that I appreciate all that you have given, and my heart is full.  I pray that You give me many, many more years to Thank You.