Dear Baby,

Let me just apologize right now because this is the first letter I have written to you.  When mommy and Ujak were growing up, Ujak was always whining because Baba and Deda took more pictures of me when I was a baby than they did him.  And then, the pictures that they did take of him, I was always in there smiling right next to him!  I always thought that was funny, but now I see how difficult it is to give you something of your own because your sister takes up A LOT OF TIME!  But I am going to try really hard to give you both special time, pictures, space of your own…because it’s important that you know that I love you both with equal fervor.  I can’t wait to show you just how much that really is.

You are now kicking up a storm, especially when I have finally gotten comfortable in bed and ready for sleep.  But I don’t mind.  It’s our time to talk (I do most of the talking).  Mostly, I ask you whether you are a boy or a girl because I so badly want to call you by your name!  The doctors insist you are a boy, but from the time you were conceived, I have dreamed that you are a girl.  I am afraid to call you the boy name Daddy and I have chosen for you in case you are, indeed, a girl!  So instead I just call you my baby…and I suppose that’s just fine because I will be calling you that for the rest of my life anyway.  We worked so hard for you and the most important thing to me is that you are mine; I’m so thankful that God has sent you to us.

I hope you are cozy in there, and I pray you are healthy.  The doctors are worried about your kidneys so your Dad and I will get to see you again in a couple weeks so they can get another look at your plumbing.  Let’s show them how perfect you are!

Keep growing in there (not too much, please)!  In the meantime, we’ll keep having our little chats until I can kiss your sweet face.