Over the weekend, Tony and I worked in the apartment some more to get ready for Nia’s arrival.  Let me just tell you that when women talk about how their husbands had sympathy symptoms during their pregnancies…they weren’t lying.  Tony has gained over twenty pounds, he’s emotional and moody…and within the past two days…he has even been NESTING!  He cleaned out AND ORGANIZED his entire closet while I sat on the bed and watched in amazement.  He did this without me asking him to, or hinting that it needed to be done, or begging, or nagging…I think I fell in love with him all over again (it’s amazing what a man helping around the house will do for a marriage…especially if that man happens to be the one you’re married to).

And, well, since Antonia will be here in a couple weeks and her nursery is FINALLY finished…I will post some before and after photos for your viewing pleasure.  I’m really excited about how her room turned out…I had the vision up there in my mind, and it just came together exactly how I wanted it to.





The walls look like they’re two different colors in these pictures because sometimes I used a flash and sometimes I didn’t, but the “greener” color is more accurate.

In addition to all the nesting, we had our 37 week appointment yesterday, and now our little one is FULL TERM!  She is only measuring one week ahead instead of four (THANK GOD!) and next week, the doctor said he will start to check to see if I’m dilated and effaced.  Let’s hope that I am…I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if I could walk into Labor & Delivery already 7 or 8 centimeters?  Wishful thinking, I know…but a girl can dream.