Dear Antonia,

Today I caught a quick glimpse of you again through the ultrasound as the doctor assessed your heartbeat and breathing…he says you look great.  Of course, I already know that, but if he wants to tell me every single week that is perfectly alright with me.  I must tell you, though, that you are growing unbelievably fast…so fast, in fact, that I can tell he is worried that you are going to come out with a full set of teeth and wearing a training bra.  So if you could just slow it down a bit that would be great.  My vagina will thank you.

In between my weekly visits with the obstetrician I spend my time feeling you move and twist and stretch and poke and kick and punch and do headstands on my bladder.  A lot of the time now I can see you move beneath my skin and it reminds me that you have a will of your own, and when it comes down to it, this giving birth scenario is going to go completely according to your plan…and God’s of course.  But if I could,  I would just like to say that I am going to be the one feeding you when you get out here, so it would serve you right to take my wishes into consideration….so STOP GROWING SO FAST! 

More importantly, I want you to know that I am so happy that you are healthy and strong, and even if you are a ten pound baby, I won’t let Daddy make any fat jokes.  Because the truth is, you are beautiful just the way you are.  And I can’t wait to whisper just how much you mean to me in your tiny little ear.  You are going to make quite the journey in a few short weeks…try to keep your arms and legs as close to your body as possible…please.  Also, don’t forget to breathe…I’ll be doing the same out here, and hopefully together we’ll make it through to the other side safely. 

I have a feeling we can make it through just about anything, you and I…we’re just those types of girls.