So I know I’m walking around with mucho extra pounds on my body, and I know there is a being in there somewhere because I feel her practicing the Can-Can against my insides…but it didn’t really hit me until last night when Tony was putting the furniture for the nursery together…that this is it.  We’re having a baby!

Tony told me that he was thinking about how when she’s sixteen and some young punk kid comes to pick her up for a date, he’s going to think to himself, “but I just put her crib together YESTERDAY!”  ugh.  It made me cry…not that hard to do these days.

While Tony worked on the furniture, my mom and I sorted through the baby clothes I have up to three months and washed them so I could put them away in the new dresser.  Because I’m not giving birth for another three months and it was IMPERATIVE that I wash these clothes and put them away IMMEDIATELY after the dresser was built.

The dresser is perfect and not pictured because I want you to see it when the nursery is finished…but I just couldn’t help myself with the crib.  After all, I want this to feel real to you too…

(little booties and hats that needed to be hand-washed are drying on the side rail…so just ignore that part…or go ahead and say, “LOOK HOW LITTLE!” like I did.  It’s sort of fun.)