I didn’t send holiday letters this year because 1) I’m lazy, 2) I’m cheap, and 3)…there is no three.  So I thought I would share our year with everyone here…at least I’m sharing, right?

January 2009

 If you received a letter from us last year, then you probably already know that we got married in January.  That was such a fun surprise!  We also spent some time in Amish Country in southern Ohio at a bed and breakfast for our honeymoon, where we watched movies and did a puzzle.  No, really…we did a puzzle.  I can’t stress enough what party animals we are…

 February 2009

 For our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, Tony played a gig and I studied.  Come to think of it, I don’t think we saw each other after the wedding until about March…

 March 2009

 Or maybe it was April…

 April 2009

 We decided to downsize, and moved closer to my parents and the studio so that life would be easier for my husband, and I could drive EVEN FURTHER for my commute Every. Single. Day. Of. My. Life.  I’m not bitter, I swear.  We actually love our new place, and I am thrilled that we have to carry the groceries up three flights of stairs and that the 20-something chick who lives in our building has the longest, cellulite-free legs I have ever seen in my life and wears shorts short enough to make Tony drool.  Home Sweet Home.  No, really…we do love it.  Really.

 May 2009

 I think we pretty much led separate lives in May.  Tony, how was May for you?  It was pretty okay for me, you know, school and patients and stuff.  What?  You hated it?!  Why?  Oh…I don’t think I can write that you didn’t get laid enough in here…you know, because my dad is going to read this…

 June 2009

 Tony and I decided to start trying to have a baby, and so we totally made up for May.

 July 2009

 Same story

 August 2009

 I can’t believe it, but we may be sick of sex.  So we booked a trip to Mexico and decided to stop trying to make a baby.

 September 2009

 We canceled our trip to Mexico because…SURPRISE…we got pregnant! I think Tony is still mourning over this trip, but I think the twenty or so added pounds reminds him that now is not a good time for Nikol to be wearing a bathing suit.

 October 2009

 We celebrated being together three whole years at the end of October.  And by “celebrated”, I mean we rented a movie and I fell asleep about ten minutes into it.

 November 2009

 In my final semester of nursing school, I was forced to withdraw for a variety of reasons (over-stressed, low test scores, pregnancy, grandmother passed away).  It was a disappointing moment, but in the end, I think it was best.  After the baby is born, I will only have to complete 16 more weeks of school and I will be an RN!  Tony decided to not call me by my name anymore…he refers to me now as “Flunky”.

 December 2009

 I found myself with spare time on my hands and had NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH IT!  I think I’m still trying to figure out what it is that people do with their evenings and weekends.  I mean, before I was pregnant and before I was in school, I partied and went to dance clubs and fell off bar stools…no one wants to see a pregnant woman in a mini skirt at a dance club, and if they do, it’s not going to be this pregnant woman!  Besides, we found out we are going to have a baby girl and I have to set a good example for her.  So when Antonia James Gammalo is born around April 29, 2010, I’ll be sure to teach her the importance of the CORRECT way to “drop it like it’s hot”…with her clothes ON.  We can’t wait to meet her.

I hope your 2009 was filled with joyful moments that balanced the sad ones, and I look forward to sharing my high points of 2010 with you!  (You’ll just have to put up with the low points too because, well, this is where I come to croak.)