It’s freezing outside.  It’s so cold that my face froze on the way to my car and then when it finally thawed out I wondered if my features still looked the same…maybe my nostrils pointed upwards now and my eyebrows were on my chin…oh wait, that’s my beard.  Anyway, the point is that I HATE this weather, but I love, Love, LOVE Christmas.

It’s my favorite.

And then undoubtedly, I come across someone’s blog, or someone will attempt to have a discussion with me about how God doesn’t exist, or I eavesdrop on happen to overhear a conversation where people are discussing how they celebrate Christmas with their children in a non-Christian home…or in an agnostic home…or in an atheist home…and I am SO CONFUSED!  I can only imagine how these kids feel!  I mean, when they grow up and learn that Santa Claus is a form of Saint Nicholas who WAS A REAL PERSON and who was a Christian…ummm…that’s religion, for all the atheists and agnostics out there celebrating Christmas…what are the parents going to tell them?  “Yes, honey, I think it’s important for you to know that there is no such thing as God in the person of Jesus”, or, “religion is something unintelligent men follow to make themselves feel better about life, but go ahead and believe in Saint Nicholas because then you get toys and cookies and milk and a tree with ornaments one day a year and so all the values that I hold as important in my life can go out the window due to the pressures of commercialism.”


I’m not writing this to judge people who don’t believe in God or practice a faith other than Christianity.  As I’ve said before, I wholeheartedly DO believe in God, and I am a Christian, and because of this, I believe in the amazing gift of Free Will.  So if you choose to not believe, that’s your choice.  But if this is your choice, don’t you think you owe it to yourself and the people you pass it on to…to believe it all the way?  Otherwise, what makes you any different from the millions of people in this world who claim to be Christians, but don’t agree with that one thing their religion says about that one thing…or who go to church twice a year because they don’t want to disappoint their Great Aunt Bertha?  Decide what you believe, and live it.  And…if you are confused, and don’t know what you believe right now?  It’s ok to admit that.  But don’t preach to the world about everything that’s wrong with it and then join in.

If you choose not to believe in God…don’t you think it makes more sense to not celebrate the birth of a man whom you don’t recognize as God? 

I don’t know what the answer is…and maybe it’s not my problem so I should just mind my own businesss.  But sometimes it hits a little close to home when I read an article or have family or friends who are atheists and vocalize their superiority over those who choose to have a Faith.  And these same people will put up a tree and play Christmas carols and teach their children that Santa is coming to their home…and then they will continue to laugh at my Faith.  And that damned Free Will gets me every time because I will have that true meaning of Christmas in my heart…I will wrap the spirit of Christmas around my tongue and then…choose to be silent… 

…at least for this one day out of the year that is my absolute favorite.