It’s written all over the internet and in countless pregnancy books that mood swings are a part of the mix when it comes to growing a human, and so IT MUST BE TRUE.  But what I’m wondering is, does this mean that just because these sources say these things happen…that the husband is free from taking even the smallest pinch of responsibility for himself?!  I mean, really, can I be making everything up every single time I get frustrated with him?  Is he right when he tells me I’m psycho because of my hormones??  Does this mean that he is accountable for NONE OF HIS ACTIONS OR COMMENTS?!

I mean, how does it happen that he can say the meanest things, he can be completely patronizing and condescending…and then when I have an emotional reaction it’s simply because I’m hormonal?  I don’t think this is accurate.  I don’t think this is what’s going on here at all, and I would like someone who is overweight and pregnant to spend 24 hours with my husband and then write a new book on how “Maybe Some Men Just Really Are Insensitive Assholes”.  I dare you…it’s such a treat.

Forget it.  I’ll just write it myself.