My mom and I have been chiseling away at the nursery…trying to gather our garbage and organize it so that we can make room for Antonia.  This morning I ordered the quilt for her crib that I have been eyeing for months now (at, and my mom surprised me with the money to buy it.  She had cleaned for my grandma while I was in school, and instead of keeping the money, she saved it for the baby.  So now Nia will have a quilt that Grandma Will bought for her, and it makes my heart so happy to have something from her for the baby since they never had a chance to meet.  Thank you, Grandma!

Also, while I was on my morning “Blog Visit”, one of my favorite decorator ladies posted photos of her daughters’ room, and wouldn’t you know it is in the SAME COLOR SCHEME as Antonia’s!  She linked to her inspiration for the paint color she used on the walls, and it is perfect.  It is called “Lost Oasis” by Pratt & Lambert paint, and I can’t wait to see it on Nia’s walls!

So…use your imagination here, and picture three walls in “Lost Oasis” (see below), one wall with black chalkboard paint, red sheets on the crib, black nursery furniture…


And this amazing quilt:

I’m loving this room already!