Dear God,

Thank you for breath, even when it catches in my throat during life’s surprises, I am grateful for the reminder that I need it, and you gave it.  Thank you for my parents…they are exactly the people I would have chosen had I been given the choice.  Thank you for my brothers and my family…they bring me joy and laughter and are a constant reminder that I am never alone.  Thank you for granting Grandma a peaceful ending to this life.  Thank you for my husband, for second chances, for the piece I was missing…thank you for taking me by the hand and leading me…thank you for whispering in my ear and making things clear the moment I knew he completed everything left unfinished.  Thank you for love, thank you for patience, thank you for words and music and color.  Thank you for forgiveness and tears.  Thank you for sorrow and loss, thank you for hope.  Thank you for peace.

Thank you for letting me fall, and for giving me enough faith to know that I can get back up.  Thank you for this unborn child, and for choosing us to care for it for awhile.  I hope this person will thank you for us someday, and that we can be the example you call us to be.  Thank you for chocolate milk.

Thank you for “every good gift and every perfect gift coming down from you, the Father of Lights” even when we only notice the darkness…thank you for waiting for us to open our eyes.  I’m sure it seems like eternity…

…I hope I get to know what eternity feels like someday.  Until then, Thank You.