First things first: I can’t find my camera charger, so Bump Watch is suspended until I do.  I’m on week ten…almost eleven, so I guess it’s time to clean the apartment! 

The past week or so has been very stressful between school and work drama, and all I can say is that my family and knowing this baby is growing inside of me are the only things keeping me sane.  I’m doing my best to not let the stress affect the baby.  Tony called me the other day to tell me that currently in our child’s development, my moods directly affect her/him – I’m pretty sure our child is going to be born PISSED OFF if things don’t start shifting soon.

I must admit that even though sometimes I feel I am constantly climbing the steepest mountain in the universe…and I may never reach the top…I know that there are others on their own journeys upward.  I read some other blogs where it hasn’t been so easy for the women to conceive, or they have conceived and then they go to the ultrasound only to find out that the baby isn’t going to make it.  So I guess part of the reason that I haven’t written is because anything that I have to say about my trivial scrapes and bruises from the side of my mountain are nothing compared to the rockslides that other people are facing.

I just want us all to reach the top in one piece.