So I thought it might interest you (okay maybe not you, but someone…a fellow preggo, perhaps) to know more about my first gynecological experience with my husband in the room.  Because let me tell you, it is nothing like the appointments when he is not in the room.


1.  You dread being weighed by the nurse

2.  The doctor is sticking foreign objects into your body via your vagina, and it is uncomfortable

3.  You are still a little paranoid about farting while your naked lower body is in someone’s face


1.  You still dread being weighed by the nurse, and now you are whispering to her to not say the number out loud because you don’t want your husband to hear.  I knew she felt my pain when I heard her click her tongue and sigh out of irritation when Tony practically ran to the scale and stuck his face right up to the numbers.  Who invited that guy, anyway?

2.  The doctor is still putting things up your vagina, and it is still uncomfortable.  And even though it isn’t the first time your husband has seen your vagina…it is the first time they have both seen it at the same time.  And your husband is crouched down right next to the doctor saying, “oh, so that’s what you do!” and “okay, that goes there, so what is this thing for?”  And then the doctor is answering him.  And the whole time I am PRAYING that I can make the whole farting thing happen…because they totally deserve it.

Overall, the first prenatal appointment was amazing, and Tony was like a little boy on a field trip.  When it was time to view the heartbeat, I couldn’t see it right away…not because it was difficult to see on the monitor…but because Tony was standing in front of the screen like it was a football game, and I couldn’t see through his body.  When he finally moved and I was able to see our baby floating around inside me, it was all worth it.  The weight gain and the sickness and the crazy husband in the doctor’s office – all of it.  So, so worth it.

My next appointment is October 9th.  Can’t wait!