I went to lunch yesterday at one of the restaurants here at work, and as I was walking to an empty table, I heard a woman clearing her throat.  And then I heard her cough up phlegm and spit it into her napkin.  Yes, I said phlegm.  I tried to move past this in my brain because I knew if I thought too much about it I would start to gag, and then I would lose my appetite, but just as I started to eat my broccoli and cheddar soup…she did it again.

She proceeded to continue this behavior every forty-five seconds for the next thirty minutes.  Several people stood up from their seats that were surrounding hers, and moved to the opposite end of the restaurant.  Part of me felt bad for her…here she was, a little old lady, by herself…clearly she was not able to keep her mucous from coming up and out into our auditory presence, surely she should not be alienated, right?  Right?!  But I ended up leaving the restaurant altogether.  Because I have enough problems with my gag reflex these days…I really couldn’t stand to add another variable to the mix.

On a positive note, I have almost a whole cup of soup left for lunch today!

Completely unrelated to mucous-y phlegm, but probably very much related to pregnancy is the peculiar fact that this morning while driving to work Gretchen Wilson’s Redneck Woman came on the radio.  I started to sing along, and was completely shocked when I couldn’t get through one sentence of it before I STARTED TO CRY!  After that, every time I would compose myself and attempt to sing again…I would start to cry AGAIN!  It really was the strangest thing.  It happened through the whole song so I gave up trying the rest of the way to work.