I spent the weekend studying.  Well, I was supposed to spend the weekend studying because I had to test out on my nursing skills yesterday.  In order to begin the final semester of nursing school, we had to test out on skills we have learned so far.  The plan was to forego my soon-to-be sister’s bachelorette party in order to study.  And I DID study…but I also slept.  A lot.  It was like someone slipped something into my drink (Tony, you didn’t, did you?).  And then yesterday…the morning sickness started.  Except it’s not really morning sickness…it’s an intermittent all day sickness that comes and goes depending on how inconvenient it is for me.  And yesterday was inconvenient.

I emailed my instructor to see if I could test out on Thursday with the other half of the class, but she informed me that it would count as my first attempt (we get 3 and then we’re out for good).  So I told her I would stick it out…and I’m glad that I did because I PASSED!  I am so glad that is out of the way!

Baby Gammalo’s heart should be beating this week, and in a few more weeks, I am going to start listening with my stethoscope to see if I can hear something!  I doubt it, but you never know!  This week I also found out that my cousin Chelsea is pregnant with a little brother or sister for Lily!  So now there are three of us pregnant and due around the same time (My cousin Stephanie is also pregnant and due 3 days before me!). 

AND..if that wasn’t enough, my brother is getting married this weekend.  I am so happy for him and I can’t even think about it really or I start to cry.  And when I get going these days, it’s kind of hard to stop.  So I’ll save it for the weekend!

Tonight…first night of lecture.  It’s going to be a long one.  I’ll have to go buy some snacks to bring along.  I can’t go very long without food…I think I am going to be humongous in eight more months – if not sooner.