I didn’t really believe that I was pregnant (hence, the numerous home pregnancy tests) until a couple days ago when I was sitting at work and my bra decided to slowly stab my breasts.  You’d think I would be embarrassed when people would walk by my desk and I was tugging, pulling and maneuvering my breasts around my chest as if I was in a wrestling match with myself – but no.  I just looked up at them and said, “What.  There is something wrong with my boobs.” 

I couldn’t wait to get home so that I could take off my bra and fling it off the balcony so that the cars below could run it over repeatedly.  I didn’t expect, however, that even after I removed my bra…it would still feel like my boobs were separate entities from the rest of my body and God forbid something accidently brush up against them, you know, like THE WIND.

So in an effort to keep my sanity and my comfort, my mom and I went bra shopping last night.  And today, even though there is still some craziness going on in there (I swear there are little people inside each one having boxing matches), I feel much much better.

My first prenatal appointment is September 21, and let me tell you how far away that seems.  So far.  The nurse in the office said that I will have my first ultrasound at that time, which will be exciting because we will get to see the little one’s HEART BEAT!  I still worry that something will go wrong, but I keep trying to live in the moment and work on enjoying right now.  Even though right now I feel bloated, hungry and very angry at my breasts…I wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world.