So Friday night I met Tony at the studio and asked him if he could sneak away for an hour to go to dinner…he couldn’t.  So I asked him to come to the car for a minute and then I would write down what he wanted and bring back dinner for us both.  When he got to the car, I gave him a card that was perfectly mushy and lovey-dovey, and at the end it hinted at him being a Daddy (when I say hinted, what I mean is that it read, “I think you will be an amazing Daddy”).  He said, “Nik, I know you love me, you didn’t have to get me a card!”

“Did you READ it?”


I handed him a bag, “here…open this.”  He opened the bag to find the three positive pregnancy tests and a pair of mini Chuck Taylor tennis shoes that look just like his.  He just smiled and said, “Really?!”  I nodded my head and he said again, “REALLY?!”  I nodded again….”whoa.”  But he was still smiling, so that was a good whoa…and then he said, “it’s time.  I’m ready.”  And it was perfect.

We decided to tell the band he was recording to take off for a couple hours so that we could go to my parents’ house to tell them the news.  I had written out invitations to give to them, and I couldn’t wait to see their reactions!


When we got there, I handed them to everyone and told them I wanted their opinions on a project I was doing for school.  They opened them.  There was silence.  And then my dad looked at me and asked, “is this true?!”  I said yes and then he started crying, and then my mom started screaming, and then their was laughing and tap dancing and phone calls and drinking and it was absolutely perfect.  Tony’s dad and his wife came over to celebrate, and I couldn’t help but think to myself, “oh my goodness, what if it’s not true and all these people are so happy?  What a terrible joke!”  But…it is true.

I was talking to Tony on the phone last night, and he told me that he had been thinking about our baby yesterday…and he thinks it’s a girl.  I do too.  He wants a boy and I want a girl (of course), but he said, “I’m ok with a girl…our next one can be a boy.”  How cute is my husband?  Of course we have no idea what we are having, and the truth is that it really doesn’t matter either way…but it’s fun to daydream…and we really can’t wait to know who he/she is!  We will find out the sex by Christmas…what a fun present!

I have until the end of this week to get my head out of the clouds so that I can start concentrating on my last semester of school next week.  It’s going to be tough.