Tony and I share the same wardrobe.  Now before you get all creeped out, you have to understand some things about my husband:

1.  He is not opposed to dressing in drag if it means people will pay more attention to him

2.  He will wear anything if it means he doesn’t have to walk  the three extra steps it takes to get what he really wants to wear out of his closet.

The other day, he had asked me where I put his shoes (in the closet) and where my black flip flops were (because he refuses to buy his own).  I don’t think it would have mattered what my answer was to either question, because he came out of the bedroom giggling like a little girl wearing these.  And then he wore them to the studio to record.  To record people.

He called me about three minutes after he walked out the front door to tell me that on his way out of the building, he ran into the Hot Girl With The Longest Legs In The World.  And the first thing she did when their paths crossed was….look at his shoes.