I had the day off yesterday, so today definitely feels like a Monday.  I was falling asleep on my way to work…that’s never a good sign…

Sunday we spent the day with all the family, and Tony got to jam with my cousins…which was the highlight of his month, I think.  I snapped a pic of him, just because he’s so darn cute…


Yesterday, we spontaneously offered to watch Lily so that Chelsea could come over straight from work to see Nan’s new baby, Lilijana.  We had a fun-filled day of grocery shopping, playing and reading books, walking outside and watching Blues Clues…(also, we have determined that our 3rd floor apartment with a baby or two is going to be PURE HELL!  But at least we’ll get in really good shape.)

Big Girl!

Tony adores this little girl, and he told me more than once that she is an angel…and “such a little shit”, which is totally a compliment.  He tried everything he could to be her buddy for the day, and towards the end of the day she finally let him read a book to her…but then later on, he bent over the back of the couch and scared her and ruined his progress. 

And then… she crashed for a couple hours…

Lily wiped out

While Lily napped, Nan and Lilijana came over and we visited while I made dinner.  Then Chelsea and my mom joined us and we all visited…

Tony & Lilijana

tony checking out Lilijana

And then it was Tony’s turn to nap…I think after his crash course in childcare for the day, he had enough of “baby time”…but look at that CUTE LITTLE BABY!

lilijana tony sleeping

I think the final verdict for Month #2 is NOT PREGNANT.  But that’s ok…I have enought little ones around to tide me over until we make one of our own!