In the coming weeks, I have decided that I will tackle the second bedroom.  Up until this point, we have stacked box after box on top of one another until the entire room is a overwhelming box castle.  My original plan, of course, was for the second bedroom to be a nursery/child’s room…you know, for our child.  But in the event that we are never blessed with one of those, the room will double as a library/reading/writing room. 

Tony spends about 90% of his time down the road at the recording studio, so basically, that is his office.  I don’t really have a creative space at this time, so I am claiming this space.  Of course, if we ever do become pregnant, I will have to share…but something tells me I won’t mind…

In the spirit of thinking positively, I will show you my ideas, and I will incorporate some of the ideas I have for a nursery.  However, if it remains strictly a library…I will keep the prints on the walls (because of my love for childrens’ books), but I will have to forego the crib (unless I make Tony sleep in it).


Remember when I listed my wedding color ideas?  Well, I chose lime green and red for my kitchen/dining room, so I am choosing the tiffany blue/red them for this room:

tiffany blue walls

I don’t know who belongs to those legs in the blue shorts, but I assure you they are not mine…Our room still has the box castle living in it, and while I am pasty white…not my legs.

Red Furniture:

red cribred furniture










Darker blue Curtains and Accents:


blue curtainsfamily glider











White bookshelves and toy box:

white bookcasetoy box










Story Book Art on the walls:

rainbow fish



alice-in-wonderland curious george











hansel and gretel blonde blythe


What do you think?