As I mentioned yesterday, Tony and I went grocery shopping over the weekend.  Shopping for food has become not so much a chore, and more of a scavenger hunt for me lately.  I am constantly looking for new natural foods that my taste buds won’t gear up and revolt against.  Walking down the cereal aisle, I basically did a slow jog because I haven’t been eating processed foods, and I knew I had rolled oats at home so this aisle was a waste of my time (and I sort of had plans for more couch lounging in my sweatpants that day)…but I glanced over the organic section to see if anything caught my eye, and I found Bob’s Red Mill products.  I have never heard of Bob, but after reading the ingredients, my mouth was watering so bad that I drooled a little bit on my t-shirt and embarrased my husband in public (really, you think he would be used to it by now).

bobs red mill cereal

It’s now Tuesday, and this morning was the first chance I have had to make a bowl…and OH MY GOODNESS! The microwave instructions cater to one serving, and even though I was sure that it would turn out clumpy and stick to the sides of the bowl when I removed it from the microwave…it was PERFECT! 

I added some fresh raspberries and raw honey I bought at the farmer’s market:



And then I added a splash of organic milk:


My brother and I grew up on Cream of Wheat and Oatmeal…sometimes my mom would make grits or that “chocolate” stuff (don’t remember what it was called, but it did NOT taste like chocolate).  So when I took the first bite of Bob’s delicious cereal, I immediately felt like I was home…on a farm…in a field…seriously, you think I’ve been playing around with some heavy drugs and now I’m all tripped out, but I swear I want to eat this stuff every morning now and it is HEALTHY!  Who would have thought…

If you are interested, the 8 grains are stone ground corn, oats, brown rice, soy beans, oat bran, millet, barley, sunflower seeds and flaxseed.  Ok, that’s 9 things, but I don’t think corn counts as a grain.  Anyway, here is Bob’s website.  If you end up trying it, let me know how you like it!  You can totally blame this addiction on me!