My weekend was amazing for so many reasons, the main one being that I didn’t have to go anywhere yesterday.  I stayed in my pajamas all day…and when Tony offered to go to the grocery store and asked if I wanted to join him…I said yes – as long as I could stay in my pajamas.  And so I did.

Saturday night was fun.  I had a few drinks, but did not get drunk.  I think those days are over for me…I mean, I’m sure I will have my moments where the alcohol just sneaks up on me and I get annihilated at the most inopportune time, but for the most part…it’s just not like it used to be.  I still had fun, and I loved being there for Tony since I don’t get to come to his gigs very often.  Here are a few photos of him doin’ his thang:

Tony gig

Tony old man


Every time I look at that second picture, I laugh, because if I could bet money on what Tony looks like when he’s constipated on the toilet…that’s exactly what I would guess.  (Hi Babe!  I hope you’re not filing for divorce as I type because I’ve just soiled your reputation as a Rock Star by posting an unflattering picture…and by referring to you on the toilet…constipated.  You really should know by now that almost nothing is sacred. )

Good Times.


Found this and decided that I must post it…my tribute to constipation…