The past week has been pretty non-eventful.  The routine of work-school-home-work is in full effect, and it’s all rather boring and depressing.  The single most jaw-dropping exciting thing that happened this week was when Tony ran out of the bedroom on Monday…in his underwear… with his hands raised celabatorily (a word, no?) in the air and proclaimed, “YAY For Baby Making Week!”  True story. 

So, yes.  It is baby-making week.  There are only a few things that are different this month as opposed to last month:

1.  Tony has lost about ten pounds (awesome)

2.  I have lost about four (eh)

3.  I have abstained from bad-for-me foods for about two weeks (yay!)

4.  I will be throwing caution to the wind this weekend and, despite our TTC efforts, I have every intention of getting wasted on Saturday.  How can this be?  No clinicals on Sunday and Mamma needs a night out!!  Also, Tony has a gig, so it works out perfectly.  Last month I abstained completely from alcohol because I stupidly believed that I might get pregnant.  I’m totally not doing that anymore…I am in desperate need of an alcoholic beverage….or five.  It’s been oh. So. Long.

I would talk a little bit about school, but I don’t want to.