Month 1:  Not Pregnant

I’m glad. 

Of course, I would have been thrilled to be pregnant, but there is a HUGE part of me (because of my hugeness) that needs more time to feel thin before I gain a person in my uterus.  So today begins my active participation in a weight loss plan (for the gazillionth time).  We’ll see how it goes amidst the craziness that is Real Life.

This morning I registered for my LAST SEMESTER OF NURSING SCHOOL!  Did you hear that?  Because I’ll say it again if you didn’t…MY LAST SEMESTER OF NURSING SCHOOL!  I REGISTERED FOR MY CLASSES!  This is the last time I had to do this before I am an RN and it felt so good.  Now I just have to get through five and a half months…I started at 15 and I’m down to 5. 

I don’t have anything else right now.