Our OB rotation has come to a close, and while I am sad to see it go, I am ONE STEP CLOSER to graduating.  It seems like time is draaaaagggggiiiiinnnnggg and nursing school is just not all excitement and “isn’t this cool?” and “oh my God!  You’ll never guess what I learned today!” like it used to be.  I’m burned out, and when that finish line comes into focus, I think I will be crawling across it.  I just want a life back…it doesn’t even have to be MY life!  I’ll take just about any kind of life at this point as long as it involves wasting time on the couch in my sweatpants Free Time.

peds nurse cartoon

Yesterday began our Pediatric rotation…I’m looking forward to this as well, even though it has been about ten years since I’ve worked regularly with toddlers.  I’m hoping it’s a skill you don’t lose like curling your tongue…it doesn’t matter how many years it has been since you’ve done it because when someone asks you to show them, you just show off your awesomeness with the tongue curling like it’s nobody’s business.  So I’m hoping it will be sort of like that.  Cause I used to be awesome with the little ones…not so much with the tongue curling.

No news on the baby front.  More than likely it is a big NOT PREGNANT for month number one.  I just feel like things are brewing in there, and I have my tampons waiting on deck.  I’m not disappointed…afterall, it was our first month trying, and also…I have some weight I would like to lose and I am working on a healthier me.  So I am predicting that God will wait until I have reached my goal weight and then he will “bless” me with those 30-50 extra pounds.  Regardless, we are ready for whatever comes, whenever it comes…