Okay, I get it!  You guys are right…I think I was putting way too much stress on the situation.  So, in the coming months, I’m not even going to look at the calendar.  We’re just going to have lots of unprotected sex whenever (and wherever) we feel like it.  Speaking of wherever, the jury is still out on how I feel about my mom telling me to have sex in the car or in a field to spruce things up.  I mean, Mom?!  You’re my MOM, for crying out loud! 

I just told a lie five sentences ago.  I know I will totally look at the calendar to see if I’m ovulating.  I have a sickness.  So what.

Over the weekend, I was assigned to the Post Partem floor on Saturday and Labor and Delivery on Sunday.  Whatever I end up writing will in no way do any part of this experience justice, it was THAT awesome.  My patient on Saturday had just given birth to her third baby girl and was having trouble breast feeding.  She hadn’t done it in over twelve years, and apparently, it’s not like riding a bike.  She was nervous and tentative and not impressed with the lactation specialist, and I wanted to help her.  I currently have no experience breastfeeding, but I still felt like I could help…and so I did.  Once we were alone in the room, I encouraged her to try again, but this time, to relax and hold the baby how she was comfortable holding her…instead of how she was told to hold her.  I reminded her that she had done this before, and encouraged her to follow whatever felt right.  We undressed the baby (because she kept falling asleep) and tried the right breast.  Baby was unable to latch on and proceeded to scream and scream and scream.  I suggested Mom try to express some milk from the breast, but nothing came out.  I had her try the other one, and milk immediately came out…so she switched breasts, baby latched on, and NURSED FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES!! YAY!  I never thought I could be so excited about some other chicks boobs.

On Sunday I was looking forward to seeing my first live birth.  I have seen it done numerous times on television thanks to the Discovery Health Channel, but I was really looking forward to seeing it first-hand.  And so then I sat around for three hours because all the pregnant women who were ready to pop were assigned to other students. 

My saving grace came around 11am and was to undergo a c-section at 11:30…and guess who got to be in the OR?  Oh yeah.  Me.  They sliced through the layers of her abdomen to get to her uterus, her bag of waters were ruptured and then we heard the baby gurgling.  The doctor grabbed on and tugged and pulled (quite hard) and out came this cheesy, grey baby!  8.5 pounds!  It was awesome.  But do you want to know the even awesomer (yes.  it’s a word.) part?  The doctor plopped her utuerus right onto her chest complete with fallopian tubes and ovaries…now I know what mine look like!  She sewed the uterus closed and snipped her fallopian tubes (no more babies for her).  I could see her intestines and the underside of her liver through the gaping hole in her abdomen, and then the organs laying on the outside were shoved back in and sewed up! 

I completely missed the whole placenta part, if you were wondering, because I was watching the nurses work on and assess the baby for his APGAR score, etc.  The only negative part of this whole experience is that if I ever have to undergo a c-section, I will know exactly what they are doing on the other side of that drape…and it might just drive me insane to know that if I reached over and felt around, I could grab my own ovary and give it a little jiggle.  That makes me laugh…and also makes me a little queasy.  It’s so different when you’re the one in the scrubs instead of the one on the table…

On the TTC front…I’m waiting for a sign…or a symptom…or something.  So far nothing much has happened except I had a dream that Justin Timberlake invited me to tour with him to sing background vocals and Tony got mad that I left in the middle of the night to join up and didn’t even say good-bye.  Also, I’ve had some cramping, but I think it’s from the salad I ate at lunch…that damn ruffage gets me every time.