My memories of growing up, and consequently moving from house to house…to house, are full of scenarios in which my mother chooses a look for the room – ANY ROOM – and proceeds to present it to my father.  And then he immediately takes over.  Not to say that my mom can’t decorate, because SHE IS TOTALLY AMAZING AT IT!  It’s just that my father can’t help himself.  In most households, the home is the woman’s domain.  She can decorate as she pleases.  However, my dad has a gay interior designer trapped inside of him somewhere and he’s just begging to get out and splash some color onto the walls before hanging some lovely art above the wainscoting.

And so, between the two of them, I was destined to love decorating.  And every so often I feel the need to change the look of a room because I JUST NEED TO.  And now that our apartment is finished (with the exception of a one-day-nursery), I need a new decorating project. 

Nan came to the rescue!  She and her hubby, Gianni, just purchased their first home, and she emailed me today asking my opinion on what color she should paint her bathroom.  And so I have spent the last 45 minutes or so, coming up with this:

Nan’s Shower Curtain

shower curtain

They registered for this shower curtain for their bridal shower, and now have some towels and accessories to match.  Instead of choosing either brown or teal for the walls, or (GASP!) white…I suggested an accent color for the room…pale yellow perhaps?


Then I went searching for some artwork that would anchor the room and give it a traditional, cultural, yet light feel to it.  I love the way the archways complement the pattern in the curtain…

arched doorways bbb

For a touch of warmth:

daisies target

And some accents to bring it all together (and maybe to store extra rolls of TP)rug:













Let me know what you think!  Would you choose a different accent color?  Orange or beige?  If this were YOUR bathroom, what would you like to see?