Yesterday was Liljana’s first birthday, and really, isn’t the day she was born her 1st birthday?  This confuses me…

Anyway, over the weekend, her parents threw her a little party, and I got THE CUTEST PICTURE OF HER!  So I thought I would post a day-you-were-born pic and a 1st-birthday-party-pic just because it sounds like so much fun:

lily newbornlily bday









Yesterday, Tony had an enlightening experience wherein he saw a couple friends who were both dads.  Whenever this happens, he plays 20 questions (or 120 questions) with them to get the answers he wants to hear out of them so that he can come back to me and say, “See?  I told you all men who are married and have kids are miserable, never have sex anymore, don’t get to go golfing, etc., etc., etc…..”  But yesterday things turned around in big circles and made him dizzy until he fell over because instead of the same old story, he voiced his opinions and fears to his friends, and…they laughed at him.  He said that they made him feel stupid for feeling that way – not in a mean way – but in a, “Dude, what are you waiting for?  This is great!” way. 

He said he gets it now, and he finally wants it.  Not just because he knows I want it, but because he really wants it too.

December can’t get here fast enough.