So the photos that I took this morning of the living room are not exceptional, but I want to show you the living room today regardless…because, well, there aren’t that many rooms in this place and we still have boxes to unpack everywhere else!

The “before” photo of the living room looks much like the “before” photo of the kitchen/dining room…WHITE:


I wanted to choose a color that would compliment the punch-you-in-the-face green, and that would also be warm and inviting.  We also decided to go with a sectional for our furniture because we wanted to create as much seating room as possible for company.  We figured the ottoman could double as extra seating as well.  The lamp was a Target find from when I was about 21 years old, but I love it for reading…and as luck would have it, the little corner of the sofa where the light stands has become “my spot”…it has the most pillows and is the most comfy.  Tony, on the other hand, prefers the chaise.  However, a recliner is being delivered today, so I think his favorite spot might be changing in the near future.

Without further adieu, here is the LIVING ROOM:


There is a ginormous patio window to the left of the sofa (right of this photo) and the television is across from it.  Soon (I hope), Tony will mount the TV onto the wall to free up some table space for me.  Because, you know, it’s all about me. 

End tables also live on either side of the sofa:


Regardless of all the options we have when it comes to places-we-could-set-stuff…like, plates of food, or sweaty glasses of lemonade…we have a No-Eating-In-The-Living-Room-Rule and HOLY COW, Tony is actually following it!  This place has done wonders for my sanity and we have only been living there five days.

Even though a photographer I am NOT…I loved the way the sun was shining this morning through the windows…and…I love these flowers…so here is a shot of my favorite part of the whole room:


This vase was a lucky find at TJ Maxx for $7, and the flowers were bought at a local craft store for $cheap.  The picture was another Target find some years back.  It’s hard to see the detail in this picture, but it is a man and a woman dancing.  Such a happy little corner!