We’ve slept in our new place for four nights now, and I have felt at home since the first.  It is strange getting used to the new noises and the new neighbors (flashbacks of Neighbor Bob have me a little anxious), but so far everything is completely normal and awesome.  The neighbors across the hall seem very nice so far, and one of the first nights as we were falling asleep, we heard the train in the distance (something Tony loved about his childhood) and Tony said, “do you hear that?”  and I said, “yep…I knew you would love it.”

Things are coming together slowly but surely, so I will give you a little tour by the day.  

Today I would like to introduce you to our  DINING ROOM.  I don’t have a “before” photo of the dining room, but it is connected to the kitchen, so here is a kitchen “before” shot:


My mom and I plus a couple of Tony’s buddies busted our tails to get the place painted last Friday before the big move on Saturday.  One of the guys, Drew, was skeptical of my paint choice, and after brushing the first couple strokes onto the wall, he called me over, “I’m not trying to put down your taste or anything, but I just want to make sure you like this before we move on.” 

lime-green-paintI told him to KEEP ON PAINTING!

When we were finished, everyone was all, “I don’t know about that color, Nikol.”  Except, of course for Mom, because, well, she knows me…and she knew I had a plan (or maybe she hated it and is a very good faker…).

I also included a piece that I found at Tony’s house when I moved in.  My mom and I refinished it because THIS is what it looked like when I found it:

dining room hutch BEFORE

I am happy to say it turned out just like I had hoped.

We were all EXHAUSTED, but it was well worth it.  Here is the DINING ROOM “After”:


I have been collecting pieces for MONTHS, and when I was finally able to put them all in the room together, it was so exciting.  My dad and Tony were two others who were not sure about the color…but now?  They love it. 

And so do I.