This week I completed my last normal lecture exam, my last lab test out, and this weekend will be my last clinical weekend…for this semester.  Next week I will complete my lab practicum and lecture final and then I can finally say that I am HALF WAY THERE!!  Fireworks?  Celebration music?  Alcohol beverage of choice?…ok, not yet.  But STILL!  I am very excited.

I started this whole thing not knowing what to expect, and I will admit that the first semester was difficult for me.  I picked up the skills like a natural, but the time commitment to prepare for the lecture exams was intense, and working full time and planning a wedding all at the same time was damn near suicidal.  That’s not to say that I didn’t feel like a fumbling idiot the first time I had to assess the vital signs of a real person, or the first time I had to give that STUPID SUPPOSITORY, or the first time I got POOPED ON or THROWN UP ON, or the first time I had to give an injection or start an IV.  But…I made it, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I anticipated, and I am constantly shocked at what I am capable of doing when I push myself to the limit.  And it FEELS AWESOME!

This semester has proven to be MUCH better.  I am looking forward to the summer semester with a positive attitude and a sense of accomplishment and confidence that I lacked going into the start of all this.

I’m feeling ready for the second half…bring it on!

(These weren’t my personal experiences, but I can definitely relate) :