My dad refers to phlebotomists as “the vampires”.  I always thought this was funny…because it really doesn’t take much to make me laugh, people.  Anyway, this week I am testing out in phlebotomy and central venous catheters in the skills lab, and while I learned IV insertion weeks ago…it never seemed to work out that a patient needed a new IV on my clinical days.

HOWEVER, this weekend, my instructor kept telling me, “Nikol, you are going to insert an IV this weekend.  I will find you a patient even if I have to call all the other units.”  And he did.  And I did.  I was already nervous because I was going to be STICKING A CATHETER INTO SOMEONE’S VEIN and I wanted to do it right, I wanted to get blood return on the first try, I wanted to be good at this!  Afterall, I have heard my dad complain EVERY TIME HE HAS BEEN IN THE HOSPITAL about the nurses and how they SUCK at getting blood or inserting IV’s, and he doesn’t even give them a chance anymore, he immediately “calls for the vampires”.  So this is kind of important in my mind…I want to be that nurse who is awesome at this!

And so…

My instructor and I walked to another unit where the nurse gave me her patient’s information and then introduced me to him and let him know that I was a student.  I immediately got into my “small talk” role to make him feel more comfortable with me and then I started doing my thing.  I pretended that my instructor wasn’t there because knowing that someone is watching my every move makes me nervous, so I just went through each step in my head, and my hands just starting moving fluidly over the equipment like they had done it a million times!  It was the weirdest thing!  And then?  I got blood return!  On the first try!!

When I took off my gloves, they slipped right off because HOLY BEJEEZUS I was sweating my balls off!  But I did it.  And now I can’t wait to do it again.

Hey Dad!  Can I come over and practice on you?