So I read this post today.

If you read through the comments as well, you get a pretty good idea of where most women stand on the abortion/adoption issue. They are torn. It’s not a clear-cut thing for anyone, even if you are convinced that it is…it’s messy.   And I’m sitting here thinking back on the ways that abortion has touched my life and on the ways that I have crusaded for Life, and something struck me.   All the exhausting conversations and the rallies and the walks and the prayers and the hurt and the love…all the countless hours I have thought about my argument and stubbornly STOOD MY GROUND on the issue of Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice.   And I’m thinking about adoption and my brother and how life in this world without him in it would be incomplete.  And In the end?

I’m neither.   Or I’m both.

Because you can’t have one without the other.  You just can’t. 

Because there isn’t one person on this earth exempt from making choices.   And perhaps by having the government dictate whether or not abortion should be legal, we are removing our individual responsibility to Life.  Perhaps by allowing the law to remove our freedom of choice, it is just another example of our extreme moral laziness when it pertains to our responsibility when faced with a choice to make, to MAKE THE RIGHT ONE.   And there is not one person on this earth exempt from taking responsibility for Life…even if it’s only their own.   We are all Pro-Choice and we are all Pro-Life.   But what solidified this abstract thought and made things a bit clearer for me was that this woman had an abortion…and has been hurting because of it ever since.   I know people like this!  And they are not terrible people!  They get scared and they have tunnel-vision and they are selfish and they are full of doubt.   They are HUMAN.   And after living for years and years with the decision, the CHOICE, that they made…If presented with the same situation again, would they make the same choice?  I can’t say for sure, but I think that they would not.   And I think THAT is what started me thinking…

Yes, I understand that there are exceptions to every rule and that there are some who will use abortion as a method of birth control, and they will abort, and abort, and abort.  But there is a cost.   And I don’t care what they tell you, or how it may seem…it has an affect on their LIFE.   And this started me thinking even more…

I was taught as a little girl, the story of Adam and Eve. I was taught that along with Free Will, God gave them the beautiful gift of the Garden of Eden and by their CHOICE, they were exiled and the human race suffered eternal damnation.   And then God sent his Son into the world to save us so that we might have eternal LIFE.   And yet? He didn’t take away our Free Will.  During EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND of our time here, one of us chooses wrong.   And I can’t help but wonder…

How many of these wrong choices have brought people closer to God?  

 People are often appalled and will say things when in the trenches of a tragedy, “How could God let something so awful happen?  Why are there wars and the MURDER OF A CHILD?”  Sometimes, I think, there is a lesson to be learned when tragedy strikes.  We must know sorrow in order to know joy, we must know anger in order to know forgiveness, we must know death in order to know life.  But many times what they fail to see is that WE do it.   WE let it happen.  We have been given the RULES in one hand and FREE WILL in the other and the CHOICE is ours.

I think God is all around us every step of the way BEGGING us not to do the awful things that we do.  But because of His love for us, he gives us the freedom to choose.  And so…He stands with his arms folded, shaking His head, saying…”Good Luck” when we make the alternate choice.

I really do wish, and I really do pray that people would choose LIFE more often.  And I will continue to argue and teach and pray for the right of every child conceived to live.  Because I do believe that Life is not ours to destroy.  I believe with my whole heart that abortion is murder.  But I’m starting to understand that sometimes?  Sometimes the journey that leads us to the choices we make, and the road we pave for ourselves beyond the choices we make,  are full of rest stops where we can’t help but reflect and regret and redeem ourselves.  And in His wisdom, God let’s us drive the car…but knows that we will get tired along the way and will need to pull over.