Yesterday is sort of blurry. 

Registration for the summer semester was scheduled to open yesterday, and seeing how this clinical rotation is the one I have been looking forward to since I started, I wanted to be sure to get the location of my choice.  I decided that I would stay up late Sunday night so that I could be sure to register for the Newborn/Post-Partem rotation for OB, the Infant/Toddler rotation for Pediatrics, and the site closest to home for the Psychiatric rotation.  In the past, the school has been not so great about opening registration exactly at midnight.  Last semester, people stayed up until 3am when they finally decided to open it.  I stupidly assumed that it would be the same this semester, so I arranged with my boss to come in at noon yesterday so that I could stay up in order to secure a spot (there are only seven openings for each site, and there are over sixty students).

Midnight came and went, and I didn’t think much of it.  But then 3am came and went, and my energy was waning.  Tony was a trooper staying up with me, and since he usually stays up late he really didn’t complain.  But he went to bed shortly after 3am, and left me to my laptop and the couch.  “This is insane, Nikol.  I can’t believe you are doing this.”  I woke up every half hour or so to check the registration website, and FINALLY around 8:30am, they opened registration.

When Tony walked down the stairs yesterday morning, I was frantically typing in the course numbers, convinced that there were at LEAST twenty other people trying to get my spot, and when I clicked on SUBMIT, instead of seeing my schedule with my new courses displayed, I read an ERROR stating that I had not completed my prerequisites for the course.  HUH?  Ummm…I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be in the Nursing Program CURRENTLY if I hadn’t passed my prerequisites.  STUPID SCHOOL I HATE YOU!  I looked at the list of courses again, and noticed that NO ONE had registered yet.  It seemed that we were all blocked from registering.  I seriously wanted to throw myself onto the floor and cry and thrash about, but a bit of relief flooded over me when I realized that I was not the only one who was affected.  I called the school to see if I could get some assistance, and this is what I heard from the other end of the line:

“Due to heavy call volume, we are not accepting calls at this time.”  and then they HUNG UP ON ME!  Really?  No sleep and No registration = NO PATIENCE!  I immediately emailed the Dean to override the error (the website noted that she was the only one who could override this).  I received no response.  At this point, Tony was pacing the living room floor yelling, “if this was me, I would be DRIVING UP THERE and telling them to SHOVE IT UP THEIR *&%*%!”  Clearly, he does not understand that throwing a tantrum and bellowing at people does not reflect a Professional Nurse in Training.  But if I said I didn’t mull it over for a minute or two, I would be telling a big fat lie.

At 9am, I decided that I would take a shower and get ready for work because any school that takes eight and a half hours to post registration, will most likely not correct a mistake in their computer system in thirty minutes, right? RIGHT?  Wrong.  I got out of the shower, dried off, and immediately ran to the computer to check my email (did the Dean write back?  No).  When I checked the registration site…people HAD REGISTERED!  It was filling up quickly, and when I scrolled down to the course I needed, there was ONE SPOT LEFT!  I typed like a mad woman, muttering “oh my God oh my God oh my God please God PLEASE LET ME GET IT!” and then I hit submit….and I was in.  I GOT IN!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

It was the most stressful morning of my LIFE, and I survived on adrenaline for the rest of the day.  And by survived, I mean I was a zombie and barely kept my eyes open at work and then school that night and by rest of the day, I mean I was in bed by 9pm and OUT by 9:01.

But I get to be with the BABIES!  ALL SUMMER!