I know they put addictive agents in my Club crackers because HELP!  I can’t stop eating them.  I am on the tail end of a whole sleeve that I only opened seven minutes ago.  But I needed to chew on something because I’m teething…again.  Remember the wisdom teeth?  Well, that was three years ago, and they are at it again and I keep trying to chew on the left side of my mouth where the gums are sore and why would I do that because HOLY HELL that HURTS!  But my body just does it, and all I can think of are babies when they are teething they need to chew/gum objects to make it feel better.  But instead of sitting at my desk with a water-filled-chilled-teething-ring, I am eating Club crackers like it’s the last day for eating EVER.

I know…I need to get over myself and go to the dentist already!  And so I decided to be a grown up for once, and I made an appt.  But it is in May, and I am fearful that by then I will have eaten way too many sleeves of crackers.

P.S.  Tony had a dream last night that I made one pie a day and then ate the whole thing myself…every day.  Do you think he’s paranoid?