I am aware that I never told you whether or not I made it through the first semester of the nursing program. And now that I am well into the second semester, I don’t need to. See? Procrastination really does pay off.

Last night I practiced removing IVs (from dummies), converting to a Saline Lock, and IV dressing changes. I’m not so nervous about these skills because I have seen them done on real humans, and I have even assisted with some of them. I think I will be okay with these. However…IV insertion is just around the corner and the thought of sticking needles into real, live human veins is making me a nervous wreck. I imagine that I will be preoccupied the entire time by the voice in my head screaming, “YOU ARE DIAPHORETIC! Your armpits are sweating, your back is sweating, even your butt is sweating, and now your hands are going to shake!” Maybe I can ask one of my classmates to sponge me down every few seconds…or maybe I can just skip this part of learning how to be a nurse.

I was also informed last night that I will be observing a live surgery towards the beginning of February. I will shadow the OR nurses from pre-op to post-op and everything in between, and I CAN’T WAIT! I have heard stories from previous students regarding this, and the responses have been mixed. I don’t think I’ll be one of the few who faint, but I also don’t know if I will be one who wants to become an OR nurse ASAP either. But you never know what you will like or what you can do unless you try, right? I mean, watching sharp instruments slice into mushy flesh, causing it to bleed might just get that adrenaline pumping! (That’s me being optimistic, in case you weren’t sure.)

Completely unrelated to this is the fact that I have yet to choose a January book. I recently finished a quick-read sort of novel that you might enjoy…that is, if you like to read about husbands who cheat and marriages that fall apart after failed attempts at pregnancy and mid-life crisis sex. I actually enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. The writing is good, and the ending is not tidy (which is usually my preference), so maybe I will just go ahead with this one. Check back on the Book Club page…I will try to post it soon.

Also, I have not forgotten my promise to talk about the wedding, but I am waiting until I have some pictures to post from the photographer. He took some amazing photos, and I can’t wait to share them with you.