My cousin, Marianne, has been having a little alphabet party over at her blog, and she is awesome.  She remembered my extreme dislike of both even numbers and curvy letters…and so she assigned me the letter “L”.   So now I will introduce to you TEN whole things that I …LLLLLove…

1.  Letters – Both alphabet letters because they create words (and words never cease to amaze me), and also letters that people write and send in the mail.  People don’t do this as much as they used to anymore, now with all the email and instant messaging and Twitter and texting and INSTANT GRATIFICATION!  But I am still a big fan of the pretty stationary and the hand-written letters that say, “you are special enough for me to take the time to write to you and spend 42 cents on a stamp”…even if when you open the envelope, the letter really reads, “I can’t believe I wasted 42 cents on a stamp to send this to you”.

2.  Laughter – Can you think of anything more addicting than someone laughing so hard that they are practically hyperventilating while tears are streaming down their face and their skin is turning pink, then red, then purple, and just when you think they aren’t going to take a breath, they do, and then a whole new cycle of laughter starts?  I can’t.

3.  Lazy Sundays – These are THE BEST.  I love coming home from church, changing into my sweatpants, plopping down on the couch with the man that I love and NOT GETTING UP.  ALL. DAY. LONG.  Well, sometimes you have to go pee and then you must get up, but then it’s all sit right back down!

4.  Lifetime Television for Women – Because I am a big nerd and sometimes predictable, low-budget, made-for-TV-depression-in-a-two-hour-span is just the thing I need on…you guessed it!  A LAZY SUNDAY!

5.  Lemons – A lot of people find themselves with lemons and make lemonade, but I like to just suck on them even though it’s very bad for my teeth.  I also like lemon-flavored everything.  And Lemon Pledge rocks because it makes the house smell like summer.  Also, a lemon drop was the first shot I ever did.

6.  Literature – I can’t imagine my life without a good novel.

7.  Loss – It may seem weird to love loss, but I wouldn’t know the value of what I have, or the things that I gain, if I didn’t know what it feels like to lose something or someone important to me.  Loss is a back-handed blessing.  It shatters you and builds you up into something just a little stronger than you were before.

8.  the Lord – this probably should have been at the top, but it’s just a testament to my humanity, I suppose.  I am blessed beyond comprehension in this life, and I don’t thank Him nearly enough.

9.  Lunch – I seriously never stop thinking about food.  Lunch is the ONLY bright spot in my work day.  Today I had a LLLLean Cuisine!

10.  of course….Love – I can’t describe it, I can’t get enough of it, I will never fully comprehend it, I can only hope that I express it every single day, and if you don’t know what it is, I pray that you find it…because everyone deserves to feel it.