Over the weekend I spent most of my time breathing in and out.  I am finally done with the first semester.  Unfortunately, while I was working on my gas exchange…I was also stressing about my grades.  My instructor will not be posting our grades for the finals that we took last week, and consequently, our final grades in the classes, until later this week.


This is torture.


So, instead of driving Tony insane by sighing every seven minutes after exclaiming in my most pitiful voice, “I don’t know what I’m going to do if I didn’t pass!”…I decided to bake cookies.  Lots of them. 


Gina’s annual cookie baking party proved to be another long day…but of course…a blast.  Here is a picture of us in our PJ’s.  We’re all smiling at this point because we are still on the very first batch of the first cookie.  By the 6th…we were not smiling so much.



Today’s Goal:  Don’t eat any cookies.