I’m not even going to address my negligence.


Tonight I have a final exam on my head-to-toe assessment, tomorrow night I have a lab practicum where I test-out of several skills of the instructor’s choosing, and next week I have two written exams.  And then?  I AM ON CHRISTMAS BREAK!  FOR A MONTH!  I would tell you that this is enough to cause an orgasm…just so that you would know how wonderful the thought is…but that would be inappropriate.


Thanksgiving this year was delicious, and to add even more sweetness, my brother proposed to his girlfriend, Christy.  I don’t know if I need to tell you how amazing this is, but let me assure you that it is amazing.  A. Maze. ING.  Not that Josh was never capable of finding love, because if anyone is a lovable teddy bear it is him.  But I have always worried that he would find someone who wasn’t good enough, someone who wouldn’t love him like he would love her, someone who I would hate!  I always wanted to know that he would be taken care of.  Afterall, he is reckless, and he doesn’t do well at caring for himself…he makes my mother WORRY!  But now?  He has found someone whom he loves and who obviously adores him and I cry every time I think about it.  He is my little BROTHER!  When we were growing up, he was the only one who knew what it was like to be me.  We were the constants in each other’s worlds…we were giggles and imagination and freeze tag…we were WWF wrestlers and Barbie and GI Joe and Hot Lava.  And then…we grew up.  The world changes when you’re not four or nine or twelve and continuity no longer exists.  There isn’t a flow, or a plan that ever pans out.  And yet through it all, he remains to this day one of my best friends.  I feel truly blessed that we have both found people to become our constants from here on out.  And I no longer worry about hating the girl he brings home.  Because he has managed to bring home his other half…how could I not love her immediately? 




Congratulations, Josh & Christy.  I love you.