Over the weekend, I continued my journey through clinicals.  I braved the nurse’s station for my assignment, and then I went to introduce myself to my patients and to assess morning vitals.  Approximately three hours later, one of the patients threw up green slime all over the room.  ALL. OVER.  And then?  I had to clean it up and MEASURE IT!  Which I did, and was totally fine with it until the mucous-y stuck-together-clumpy parts were poured out.  And then I gagged and had to look away.  I did not vomit, though, and so…I am proud.


Some other things I did that same day:

  • found a stringy clot of blood that WOULD NOT BREAK ITSELF AND I HAD TO USE MY HANDS (gloved, of course) when emptying a JP drain
  • irrigated a foley catheter
  • successfully completed two sterile dressing changes
  • walked a confused elderly patient back to his bed after he pulled out his IV, pulled out his catheter, fell over his roomates bed and wandered into the hall with his gown falling off (this is where I spotted him…looking very lost.)  He informed me that he was headed out to watch some TV…and then I realized that among everything else, he had shit his pants.  Luckily for me, he was not my patient, and I did not have to clean him.  (Whew!  I have dodged poop once again!)


This morning on my way to my truck, the neighbor saw me from across the lawn and asked how I’ve been doing.  I haven’t seen her in quite a few months (since school started and I’m never home), so I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to the “neighborhood gossip”.  She proceeded to tell me that the woman across the street told her that I had left Tony.  My neighbor said, “really?  Are you sure?  They are supposed to be getting married!  If she left him, I will KILL TONY!”  I started laughing.  Then she said that the woman across the street said, “No, she left him fore sure.  I know things.”