My sixteen year old brother met his very first real girlfriend ten months ago.  They have only seen each other that first time they met and have spoken over the phone every single day since.  She lives in New Jersey, and he is without a driver’s license.  For his birthday/Christmas present this year, my parents bought him a plane ticket so that he could visit her.  He flew into LaGuardia last night (his first plane ride by himself) and I WAS A NERVOUS WRECK!  My parents are so awesome and calm and all, “he’s fine, Nik.  He’s going to be seventeen!” and I KNOW THIS.  But when I was sixteen, they brought him home from Russia and since then he’s been like my kid too.  And they’ve done this whole parenting thing before with me and my other brother, so they are used to being chronically WORRIED.  Me?  I’m just a big sister who is freaking out because her little brother was alone in NEW YORK waiting for some people to pick him up that he’s never met before.  And all I could imagine was his little heart skipping a beat when he saw that little girl who he met one time almost a year ago and it just melts me.


How am I going to get through the years with my own kids?  Ugh.  It’s already exhausting.