Can you read this?  Just checking because I don’t really feel like I am alive right now…I just kind of float from place to place to place checking off my “To Do’s” on an endless list that seems to be conveniently (or inconveniently) safety pinned to my pocket:


Wake up.  (check)

Get ready for work/clinicals. (check)

Drive to the hospital. (check)

Work/Care for patients. (check)

Go to school. (check)

Study. (check)

Study. (check)

Study. (I SAID CHECK!)

Test-out. (check)

Practice Skills. (check)

See Tony. (…)

See family. (…)

Think in normal language as opposed to PO/NPO/BID/Q4Hrs/OU/ABCDEFG. (…)


As you can see, there are some things I need to check off my list, but I just can’t right now.  It makes me a little depressed, but I know it’s short-term.  However, yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when my cousin called me to ask if I could spare a few hours this weekend.  I told him JUST A FEW on Sunday because I need to study…and I think we are going horseback riding!  It’s just a guess because he wouldn’t tell me, but knowing him, and the fact that I have to bring outside, dirty clothes, I think that’s what we’re doing.  I can’t wait.  I need a break…he has no idea how perfect his timing is.


Yesterday I tested out on Medication Administration (oral, ophthalmic, and topical) and I am so lucky that I passed.  I wasn’t sure about normal Potassium levels, and let me assure you, I WILL NEVER FORGET IT NOW!  After coming close to failing, this information will be eternally burned into my brain (fyi…the normal range is 3.5-5.0).  But I did everything else correctly and I passed.  Whew!  Also, I got an 88% on my second exam.  It is a B and I am sad.  But since it’s a high B, I have the opportunity to bring it up over the rest of the semester.  I know I shouldn’t care and I should move on, but I can’t.  I want the A, dammit.  Tonight I have a math calculations test-out.  There will be 10 questions and I can only miss one or I will fail.  Sounds delightful.


So I wanted to post an October book for you.  This is a book that I have already read, but am recommending to you because it was very good.  I received it as a Christmas present last year from my future sister-in-law, and I loved it.  It starts off with a daughter wanting to kill her mother…if that doesn’t grab you by the shirt collar and smack you over the head I don’t know what will.  Just to clarify, the wanting-mom-to-die part is not why I loved this book.  I loved it because the author goes places where few people would have the guts to go.  Read it.  You’ll love it too.  But if you end up killing your mother, don’t blame me, you psycho.


October Book:

The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold