So my pleasure reading is going down the drain due to studying, but I want to continue to post books monthly as suggestions in case you guys want to continue.  For the month of September, I am posting a book that I already started because, well, I’ll have a better chance of finishing it…and it pertains to nursing. 

I want to point out that this is not a book that only nurses or nursing students will enjoy…it’s a memoir of the author’s experience as a first year nurse, and it includes little vignettes of her journey with many patients and their families.  There are some humorous parts, some sad, some weird.  It’s a fun read, and I’m not just saying that so you will read it.  I’m saying that so you will want to read it.  And then you will read it.  And then you will like it.

I swear.  (did anyone else get that “I Swear” song by All-4-1 stuck in their head just now?)