As my fascination with Jon & Kate Plus 8 continues, I occassionally am able to drag Tony into the madness that is eight children under 10 years old.  The other night he was eating his dinner at a TV tray while I watched the show, and I could see his patience getting increasingly thinner by the second.  Finally, he couldn’t contain it anymore (and is unable to watch anything without talking every 45 seconds), and yelled out, “if I had kids, I would not let them act like that in public!  I wouldn’t even let them act like that at home!  My kids will have MANNERS!”  And then, in one swift motion, he lifted the giant cobalt blue, glass serving bowl that was holding what was left of his soup, up to his mouth and slurped it.  Until it was no more.  Then he smacked his lips and set the mammoth dirty bowl on the sink where the fairies presumably would tap it with their wands to make it clean again.