While I was cleaning the office over the weekend, I found a few pictures that I thought I would share with you.  This first one stuck out because I’ve had weddings on the brain, and I am considering red bridesmaid dresses…my aunt chose red also.  My grandfather is walking her down the aisle in this picture, my mom is next to her and I am the flower girl.  And now…her first grandchild is going to be MY flower girl (yay Lily!).


For this next picture, I want you to pay close attention to the details of this dress.  Because sometimes when people look at it, I don’t think they really appreciate the work that went into the “embellishments”.

Gotta love that bow.

And finally, this is my second grade teacher, Mrs. Presley.  I asked her on the first day of class if she was married to Elvis Presley.  And she laughed at me.  My feelings were kind of hurt because I didn’t understand why she was laughing.  But she turned out to be one of my favorite teachers because she taught us how to listen to song lyrics.  We would study a popular musical artist (not Elvis), and then we would listen to their music in class and pay attention to the words.  Also, she taught us how to write a business letter to get free pencil top erasers.  Now that I think about it, she was the best teacher EVER!  She fostered my musical and writing interests (and my obsession with school supplies).  Hmmm…thanks, Mrs. Presley! 

There are so many more pictures that stimulate memories for me, and maybe someday I will share those too.  But right now I want to see if they are bringing that whole big bow thing back for little girls with the re-emergence of the 80’s fashion…