I realized this past weekend that I forgot how to shop.  I drove around from store to store, walked through the mall looking for items on my nursing supply list and continuously walked out of stores empty handed.  I am so trained to not spend money that even when I am given a stipend specifically for shopping I am still afraid to do it.  I consider this an asset seeing how I have been in and out of debt many times.  I have learned from my mistakes, and I am proud to have come this far.  However, I really did need to get the stuff on the list…so eventually I broke down and spent the money.  And even though it was a little scary…


I bought my books, highlighters, pens, post-its…you know, all that fun school supply stuff that I get giddy over.  Because I am a nerd.  And I love the smell of Sharpies.  I spent the weekend cleaning and rearranging my office, and now I have a space all to myself to study and write.  And Tony is not allowed in.  Seriously.  Because he’s a messy boy…I banished him and his piles of receipts and guitar picks to the basement.

Tony took me out on a real date Saturday night…dinner and a movie…and when he asked me if I would like to go out on a date I fainted in surprise.  And then he slapped me across the face to wake me up and I jumped into his arms and said, “Yes!  Yes, I would LOVE to go out on a date with you!”  Okay, none of that happened except the date part.  But that’s how excited I was to not eat frozen spinach because that was the only food left in the house.